CHEVY HARDCORE Article On Classic Dash Saves 1960 Chevy C10 Interior From A Butchered Dash

SUPER CHEVY Article On How To Install Analog Dashboard Gauges on a 1965 Chevelle

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Vintage muscle is the heart and soul of our passion at Chevy Hardcore yet we are willing to admit that technology has improved over the years. Simple things like dash panels have gone from a plain gauge cluster of three gauges, and maybe a warning light or two, into something that looks like an air traffic control center. Granted, our vintage musclecars do not need as much information displayed as an F18 fighter jet, but you probably want more than just a speedo, fuel gauge and water temperature.

The factory original dash for the Chevy C10 trucks left a lot to be desired. Engine information was not as critical for the drivers during the early ’60s. With the modern engines of today, drivers need to know oil pressure and RPM.

When it comes to adding more gauges to your classic car or truck, choices can be limited unless you are fully invested in customizing your entire dash. Our vintage truck had aftermarket gauges slapped into… READ MORE