1966 Ford Mustang RACEPAK Dash Panel

Click on the dash panel and gauge type of choice and see how your new Classic Dash will look.


Molded ABS instrument panel for the 1966 Ford Mustang.


Fits RACEPAK IQ3 series digital dashes.



Dash :
Matte Black
Carbon Fiber
Gauges : No Gauges
No Gauges
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RacePak IQ3S street dash. The IQ3S is a complete dash cluster replacement, providing all standard road functions such as speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level, voltage & turn signals. Comes with a programmable shift light. Ideal for all vehicles with modern engine swaps or aftermarket EFI systems.


The IQ3SL Logger dash is virtually the exact same version of the IQ3S dash but also has the ability to store and replay 3 minutes of run time making it the perfect choice for the car that is used on the streets but also makes its way to the dragstrip on occasion.


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