American Autowire 1967-75 MOPAR A-Body Classic Update Wiring Kit


This wiring harness fits:

• 1967-75 Dodge Dart

• 1971-72 Dodge Demon

• 1967-69 Plymouth Barracuda

• 1967-75 Plymouth Valiant

• 1970-75 Plymouth Duster



Standard turn signal and hazard flashers are mounted on fuse panel. A new horn relay is mounted on the main dash harness.
Fuse box designed to fit in original location with mods to the firewall, template included. All required hardware supplied. New ATO fuse panel allows for easy fuse and circuit breaker accessibility. Harness is laid out and formed to allow for nearly all after market accessories such as; gauge packages, wiper systems, heat and air conditioning systems, etc.
Original switch connector bodies – an American Autowire exclusive feature.
Steering column connectors can plug directly into most aftermarket steering columns.
Separate under dash courtesy lamps for use along with your original dome/interior lighting.
Instrument Cluster wiring is designed with a cluster harness disconnect system for easy service and assembly. Original terminals and connectors (another American Autowire exclusive) are provided for stock cluster connections. The system will also connect into most popular aftermarket gauges such as AUTOMETER, CLASSIC INSTRUMENTS, STEWART WARNER, VDO, and others.
Rear body harness assembly plugs into the main harness in the stock location and our longer leads allow for stock or custom routing of the wires. Rear body wiring includes backup light lead wires with correct lamp sockets or connectors, stop and tail light lead wires with correct lamp sockets, dome light harness, terminals, connectors and lamp sockets to mate with the license plate lamp, and fuel tank sender wire with trunk grommet and tank connection.
New floor dimmer switch is provided for ease of installation. Wire length and connection accommodate original floor mount dimmer switch.
GM bulkhead connectors for the engine and front light wiring are included (another American Autowire exclusive) and allow for easy installation with original or custom routing.
Engine wiring includes connectors for original points type distributors, OEM Chrysler style starter relay connections, tach and ignition leads, etc. High-powered 1-wire alternator connections are supplied.
Front lighting includes extra long leads that can be routed for stock or optional appearances. All headlight, parking light and directional light connectors and terminals are provided along with a switched trigger wire for an electric fan relay (usually recommended with AC).
Original style light sockets, switch body connectors, terminals, etc.
1. This kit should typically be used in a MODIFIED application only. This kit does not contain any wiring for, nor will it support the use of some of the more obscure
factory options such as the overhead reading or map lamp, time delay relay, overhead console, or door ajar lighting. There are no headlamp, dash panel dimmer, or
ignition switches included with this kit. You will need to retain and re-use your originals, or locate replacements if your originals are missing. The original OEM dash
harness wiring for any of the factory equipped A/C cars varied from year to year. None of that wiring is included with this kit, and therefore, this kit WILL NOT support
the use of any Factory installed A/C set up. However, this kit will support the use of, and does contain all of the necessary wiring for a factory heater system. It also
supplies power for any aftermarket A/C or heat system. The factory dash lighting was done through a separate stand-alone indirect lighting harness that snapped into
the shroud above the overhang of the dash cluster assembly and illuminated the face of the dash cluster by shining down on it. The lamp sockets for this harness are
very unique and are not commercially available. As with the factory set up, this harness is a separate unit that it IS NOT included as part of the dash harness, and will
need to be re-used. Your original, factory stand-alone dash lighting harness will plug into the AAW dash harness “dash lighting candelabra” just exactly as it plugged
into your original OEM dash harness “dash lighting candelabra”. You will also need to re-use your original starter relay or purchase a new one from AAW (P/N 500007).
2. This kit only supports the use of a higher current self-exciting 1-wire alternator. An adapter will be necessary for any other applications. The use of a stock, low
amperage alternator is seriously discouraged as they cannot handle the higher current requirements of updated ignition systems, electric fans, aftermarket A/C
systems, stereo systems, air ride suspensions, and other power hungry accessories and will ultimately create performance issues with the system.
3. This kit WILL NOT support the use of a factory ammeter. All AAW kits are engineered to supply the optimum charge to the battery. To achieve this performance, we
route our 8ga. charge wire directly from the alternator output charge terminal to the starter battery terminal. Due to the path of the charge being altered from the stock
configuration, the gauge can no longer see a charge vs. a discharge, so it will not work properly. When ammeters were originally used, most generator or alternator
current outputs were rated at a maximum of about 25-60 amps. Modified cars being built today typically utilize a 100 amp or higher output alternator. With these higher
current units, ammeters, generally speaking, become a safety hazard. Ammeters are usually wired in parallel to the charging circuit, are typically unfused, and can short
very easily causing a fire. A voltmeter is recommended as a good alternative.
4. This kit is wired with a full 12 volt primary ignition feed that is hot in the run position. Primary ignition voltage in the starting position is handled via a full 12 volt bypass
wire. Our system will support HEI, MSD, other electronic ignition systems, as well as most all computerized Fuel Injection systems. If you wish to run a points type
system, there are illustrations on the engine connection pages to do so. The connectors and terminals to install a ballist resistor for a points type system are included in
this kit, but extra parts (ballist resistor) that are not included in this kit will be required to complete that operation.