A015- Fuel Link Interface


The Fuel Link interface is the problem-solver between fuel senders and gauges to correct ohm mismatch and erratic movement due to fuel slosh.


• User can calibrate a custom ohm range (between 0-350 ohms)
• The gauge is calibrated at every 1/4 tank reading, ensuring accurate readings
• The interface is compatible with nearly any short sweet fuel gauge and fuel sender combination
• Easy screw terminal wire connections
• Compact size, 3″ x 2″ x 1.5″, with mounting holes for under-dash installation
• On-board pushbutton with LED readout for calibration
• Low Fuel Light trigger at 1/8 tank (works with a LED or incandescent bulb)
• Made in the USA



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1. 240-33 ohm, standard aftermarket
2. 0-30 ohm, GM Type ’64 and earlier
3. 0-90 ohm, GM Type ’66 and later
4. 73-10 ohm, Ford Type ’86 and earlier
5. 16-158 ohm, Ford Type ’87 and later
6. 90-0 ohm, Toyota and Nissan ’85 and later
7. 40-250 ohm, Late model GM
8. 10-180 ohm -VDO

SKU: SN34 Category: Tag: