What Is Sponsorship?


Quite simply, sponsorship is one of the forms of advertising that Classic Dash uses in order to showcase our products to the motorsport world. As with all forms of advertising, the amount that we spend on individual sponsorships is dictated by the amount of exposure we can expect and the number of products we can sell that we wouldn’t otherwise. It is a business arrangement between Classic Dash and the person or organization being sponsored and typically covers a 12 month period.

What Does Classic Dash Look For When Sponsoring A Vehicle?


Sponsorship is advertising and our goal is to sell more products by participating in builds. While we always want to see cutting edge, trend-setting quality built vehicles, our top goal is to increase exposure to the enthusiast public.

Classic Dash does not participate as a monetary sponsor; rather, we provide products or discounted products for the right builds in the markets we want to promote in.