We are overstocked on speedometer sending units and mechanical speedo adapters!



For a limited time, we are offering a free speedometer sending unit with the purchase of a complete bundle kit (dash panel +gauges). Just select your dash panel and electric gauge kit. Then, add a speedometer sending unit into your cart. At checkout, use promo code: STOCK19 and watch the price drop!



If you are purchasing a mechanical kit that doesn’t require a speedometer sending unit, you are eligible to get a free speedo cable adapter! Just select your dash and mechanical gauge kit. Then, add a mechanical speedometer adapter to your cart. At checkout, use promo code: STOCK19. POOF! You get a FREE mechanical speedometer adapter.



Unfortunately, this does NOT apply to the GPS plug-and-play speedometer sending units…



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Take advantage of this promotion before we run out of sending units and adapters!!!!