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Classic Dash General Installation
Classic Dash Universal Wiring Harness
Classic Dash Series 2 Wiring Harness
FJ Landcruiser Installation
1968-70 MOPAR B-Body Installation
1982-84 Firebird Installation
1987-93 Mustang Wiring Harness
GPS Module Instructions
GM / MOPAR Electric Speedometer Sending Unit
Ford Electric Speedometer Sending Unit
Electric Speedometer Calibration
Thunder Road Gauge Instructions
Dash Panel & Gauge Application Guide


What’s Needed For A Dash Installation:

Before embarking on the installation, we recommend
rounding up the following tools and supplies:

• Side cutter or “dykes” pliers
• Soldering iron with solder (or “red” butt connectors)
• Electrical/crimping pliers
• Multi-meter (voltage tester)
• Drill motor
• 5/32″ drill bit
• Crazy glue
• Center punch or ice pick
• Tape measure
• Screwdrivers (Phillips & blade type)
• Razor blade or box cutter
• Hand files (fine and medium)
• Open end wrench or socket set (3/8″ through 9/16″)
• Shrink wrap with heating device or electrical tape for connections