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Classic Dash General Installation Guide
Classic Dash Universal Wiring Harness
Classic Dash Wiring Harness Diagram
Concourse Series Gauge Instructions
Electric Speedometer Calibration Guide

Elite Series Wiring Harness Instructions
Ford Electric Speedometer Sending Unit Guide
GM / MOPAR Electric Speedometer Sending Unit Guide
GPS Speedometer Module Guide
1960-81 FJ Landcruiser Wiring Harness Instructions
1963-67 Corvette Fuel Gauge Instructions

1968 GTO / LeMans Installation Guide
1968-70 MOPAR B-Body Installation Guide
1982-84 Firebird Installation Guide
1987-93 Mustang Wiring Harness Instructions
1990-05 Mazda Miata Installation Guide
1994-04 Mustang Installation Guide
1995-98 Chevy / GMC Truck Installation Guide
2010-15 Gen 5 Camaro Installation Guide


What’s Needed For A Dash Installation:

Before embarking on the installation, we recommend
rounding up the following tools and supplies:

• Side cutter or “dykes” pliers
• Soldering iron with solder (or “red” butt connectors)
• Electrical/crimping pliers
• Multi-meter (voltage tester)
• Drill motor
• 5/32″ drill bit
• Crazy glue
• Center punch or ice pick
• Tape measure
• Screwdrivers (Phillips & blade type)
• Razor blade or box cutter
• Hand files (fine and medium)
• Open end wrench or socket set (3/8″ through 9/16″)
• Shrink wrap with heating device or electrical tape for connections