SUPER CHEVY Article On How to Install a Classic Thunder Road Series 2 Gauge Kit

SUPER CHEVY Article On How to Install a Classic Thunder Road Series 2 Gauge Kit

SUPER CHEVY Article On How To Install Analog Dashboard Gauges on a 1965 Chevelle

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No matter what type of Chevrolet you are building, if you’ve spent any of your hard-earned cash on the engine, you’ll want to keep track of its vitals. A drop-in oil pressure or hot runner can lead to overheating, blown head gaskets, or worse. And it goes without saying that you’ll want accurate info on engine rpm and mph as you cruise or rip it up at the track. With that, a quality set of gauges is a must. In addition to providing real-time data on essentials, a hot set of gauges can bump up the style of your interior.

When we set out to rebuild Project Back To The Street, a former drag car turned road carver, we wanted improved power and performance, but to maintain a stockish look throughout. Well, as the Camaro has progressed, we’ve gone further from stock than we imagined. The original buckets gave way to stylish Corbeau chairs, and now our stock cluster and gauge fascia have been traded for a modern-looking unit from Classic Thunder Road. Best of all, we didn’t break the bank.

There is an endless list of aftermarket gauges and dash inserts for old Chevys, and choosing the right stuff for your ride can be overwhelming. Do you go classic or modern? Do you try to maintain a stock look or do something wild? Do you add extra gauges or keep it to a bare minimum? We went with this modern set, including a 33/8-inch 10,000-rpm tach and same-sized 160-mph speedo, plus 21/16-inch fuel level, volt meter, oil pressure, and water temp gauges. We also added the sleek carbon-look, direct-replacement cluster, which retails for just… READ MORE

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