1964 -1965 Ford Mustang Dash Panel

Click on the dash panel and gauge type of choice and see how your new Classic Dash will look.


Molded UV Resistant ABS Instrument Panel will replace the stock gauge panel.



Dash :
Matte Black
Brushed Aluminum
Carbon Fiber
Gauges : No Gauges
No Gauges
Black Premier Elite
Black Sterling Elite
Sterling Platinum Elite
White Premier Elite
White Sterling Elite
Phantom - Mechanical
Sport Comp - Mechanical
Ultra-Lite - Mechanical
Carbon Fiber
Phantom Electric
Sport Comp Electric
Ultra-Lite Electric
American Muscle
GT Series
Phantom II
Sport Comp II
Ultra-Lite II
C2 Gauges
NV Gauges
Concourse Black
Concourse Silver
Concourse White
Autocross Gray
Autocross Yellow
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The speedometer sending unit required for electric speedometers is NOT included in the complete package and must be purchased separately.


Complete Package Comes With:

  • Gauge Wiring Harness*
  • Oil Pressure and Water Temperature sending units*
  • Turn Signal, High Beam and Parking Brake Indicators (LED) Kit*
  • 3-3/8″ Speedometer
  • 3-3/8″ Tachometer
  • 2-1/16″ Fuel Level Gauge
  • 2-1/16″ Oil Pressure Gauge
  • 2-1/16″ Water Temperature Gauge
  • 2-1/16″ Volt Gauge


*Wiring harness and sending units are NOT INCLUDED with Sport Comp Mechanical, Ultra-Lite Mechanical, Phantom Mechanical, and Concourse Series gauges.

Concourse kits come with their own sending units for the water temp and oil pressure gauges. LED kit not included.


How do I calibrate the new speedometer?

Regardless if you’ve changed tire sizes and/or gear ratios, the speedometer will “learn” your vehicle. Here are the steps:

1. With the power off, push and hold the calibration button located on the front of the speedometer. While holding the button, start the vehicle and continue to hold the button until the pointer sweeps to full scale and stays at full scale. You may now release the button.2. Drive to the beginning of a pre marked two mile stretch of road (i.e. a toll road with accurate mileage markers) and come to a stop. It does not matter how far away the stretch of road is. DO NOT shut off the engine. Push the release button and the pointer will drop to half scale.

3. Drive the two mile distance. The pointer will remain at half scale mark no matter what speed you choose to drive the two mile stretch. If the speedometer has an LCD display odometer, it will be normal to see it counting rapidly as it receives a speed signal. If you have to stop during the calibration that is OK. The speedometer is simply counting pulses during this time.

4. At the end of the two mile distance, come to a complete stop, push and release the release button. The pointer will drop to 0 and the calibration will be stored.

Can I use existing sending units?

No, you should use the oil pressure and water temperature sending units that come with the Classic Dash package to ensure accuracy.

How long should an installation take?

Most installations can be performed in 6-8 hours. Once a person has done an installation, the second one goes much quicker —about half the time. Some vehicles are more complex and tighter-fitting than others and will require more time.

Do they require dash frame modifications?

In most cases it’s a simple bolt-in situation, however minor trimming may be required to achieve proper fitment. Understand, too, that some older cars (Camaro comes to mind) were built in two factories (Ohio and California) and were not 100% identical, nor were production methods as accurate and consistent as they are today.


What’s Needed For A Dash Installation:

Before embarking on the installation, we recommend rounding up the following tools and supplies:

• Side cutter or “dykes” pliers
• Soldering iron with solder (or “red” butt connectors)
• Electrical/crimping pliers
• Multi-meter (voltage tester)
• Drill motor
• 5/32″ drill bit
• Crazy glue
• Center punch or ice pick
• Tape measure
• Screwdrivers (Phillips & blade type)
• Razor blade or box cutter
• Hand files (fine and medium)
• Open end wrench or socket set (3/8″ through 9/16″)
• Shrink wrap with heating device or electrical tape for connections


This product may contain a chemical known by the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information goto https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

SKU: 61264 Category: Tags: , , , ,
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